Camp-of-the-Woods , a Christian family camp in Speculator, NY had its annual postcard contest. Campers could send in 3 pictures and the staff chose 7 to be the camp's postcards for that year. One of my photos was chosen for that honor. Its a Fall scene from a boat approaching an island in the middle of the Lake Pleasant


Artist of the month in -


This is the latest painting to be sold. It was to a friend for 200 dollars. I never found out exactly what this was a painting of, but since I was selling it, I did some research. I took this picture  in Spain on a trip fromm Algeciras to Ronda out the car window and did not document it. Found out its the Cafe Venta El Socorro in Gaucin, Spain. Its know for some pretty good tapas!


MY church has a school and the Art class uses a board outside the gym to display their art. With school out for the Summer, I took on the project of creating a Summer Art Galley for the congregants of the church to display their artistic talents.  The first two were me and a man named Walter Gleman. The idea was every two weeks until the end of Summer we would have new exhibitions  Has worked so far. This is my contribution to the gallery

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